MCU Product Line

Symmid’s family of low-cost MCUs provide unparalleled processing power at minimal cost of ownership. Designed to optimize power consumption with numerous acceleration architectures, our MCUs offer maximum OPS (Operations per second) compared to other offerings in its class, while achieving low power consumption for portable applications.

Our offerings cover a wide range of application areas including:

  • General Purpose MCU
  • Mouse and Keyboard MCU
  • IR Remote Controller MCU
  • Audio Controller MCU


Using Flash or OTP solutions, we can customize to meet your needs. We also offer integration solutions with our power management and lighting product lines. Symmid MCUs support various hardware ICE (In-Circuit Emulators) to lower debugging and development costs.

We also provide customization of our MCU Families for our customers to ease their SoC development cycles, be it from firmware development of simple controllers to full embedded architectures. Our FPGA proven MCUs can be further customized to meet your SoC demands.

Our family includes:


SYM8051 Low-power high-performance 8051 microcontroller


Our flagship SYM8051 MCU is proven and has an aggressive architecture in place for power savings while maintaining a high throughput of 100MIPS peak. Popular interfaces like UART, USART, SPI and I2C are supported. It is ideal for general purpose applications where small size, low power and low cost are important without the sacrifice of performance and throughput.


  • Fully synchronous circuit design up to 100MHz
  • OP code compatible to original Intel 8051 device
  • ALU performs 8-bit arithmetic, multiplication and division, and Boolean manipulations
  • Two 16-bit Timer/Counters
  • 32-bit Input/Output ports
  • Four 8-bit I/O ports
  • Alternate port functions such as external interrupts and serial interface are separated, providing extra port pins when compared with the standard 8051
  • 1 x UART (max 115200bps)
  • 1 x USART (max 1/2 system clock)
  • 1 x SPI (4 wire @ max 16Mb/s)
  • 1 x I2C (max 400Kb/s)
  • Executed instructions in 1-4 clock cycles
  • Separate RAM and ROM data/address busses
  • Interrupt Controller with two priority levels and five sources
  • Internal Data Memory Interface can address up to 256 bytes of Read/Write Data Memory Space
  • Can address up to 64KB of Program Memory and up to 64KB of Data Memory
  • Debugging support and debugging software with interface to Keil uVISION2 IDE and Keil ISD51C51
  • Power Control Modes
    • Clock can be stopped and resumed
    • Idle
    • Power Down