Lighting Product Line

Symmid offers a broad line of lighting products that include LED solutions for General Lighting (MR16, AR111, E27, T8 etc), Automotive/Industrial, and LCD backlight applications. Symmid’s high efficiency, cost effective LED drivers support various dimming options like PWM, linear and TRIAC (WIP) without suffering from flicker.

The programmable LED DC current is regulated by a precise peak current feedback loop that keeps LED current constant over large line voltage variations, and will compensate for poorly controlled system component tolerances. Its standard features include UVLO, short-circuit, over-voltage and over-temperature protection. We also offer compact package implementations like SOT23-5 for reduced BOM cost. Our LED driver solutions are available as a packaged device or as an IP core.

We are in the midst of increasing our portfolio to include different design options, including buck, boost, buck-boost and flyback topologies for different loading currents. Other areas of development and capability improvement include active PFC, primary side control, and optimised average/peak current control
Our family includes:

SL0600 High-Brightness Constant-Current LED Driver with DC input supply range from 10V to 450V and Surge Protection


The SL0600 is a constant current configuration device capable of driving a string of LEDs in serial architecture. The device has been implemented in an advanced BCD process and is capable of driving output current from a few milliamps up to 1.0A and has a voltage range of 10v to 450v input. The extra design tolerance driving the serial LED string by a constant current source meets demands of outdoor environmental changes in thermal noise. The SL0600 controls an external MOSFET with PWM switching frequencies up to 300kHz. This also allows for more controllability for features such as enhanced dimming etc. through an external control with configurable duty ratios. The SL0600 is packaged in SOIC package for low operating temperature and long life at high ambient conditions.


  • >90% efficiency
  • Up to 1A LED drive current
  • Input Voltage 10V-450V
  • Constant current architecture
  • Analog and PWM dimming capability
  • UVLO, POR and over-current protection
  • Isolation from line voltage fluctuations
  • LED serial connection to up to 100 LEDs
  • PWM Control to GATE pin - external MOSFET
  • Input surge protection

SL0700 Constant-Current Low-Cost LED Driver with DC input supply range from 6V to 20V and Overvoltage Protection


Neon is a PWM Switching LED Driver control IC. It allows efficient operation of High Brightness (HB) LEDs from voltage sources ranging from 7Vdc to 20Vdc. The LED string is driven at constant current and an external current sense resistor defines the output peak current which can be reached (up to 1.0A). The SL0700 controls an external MOSFET with PWM switching frequencies up to 100kHz and offers UVLO, POR, over-current and over-temperature protection. The SL0700 is available in SOT23-5 package for minimal area usage. 


  • Input Voltage 7V-20V
  • 100kHz fixed frequency internal oscillator
  • Constant-current architecture
  • Analog and PWM dimming capability
  • UVLO, POR, over-current and over-temperature protection
  • Blanking of current sense input
  • Isolation from line voltage fluctuations
  • Operating junction temperature range 0°C-70°C
  • Available in compact 8-pin SOIC and SOT23-5 package