We Say What We Do, We Do What We Say

Symmid is a ISO 9001 certified Malaysian-based fabless semiconductor design company and a preferred partner for many leading semiconductor companies in Europe, US and Asia.  We provide end-to-end IC design services to fabless design houses, electronics and semiconductor system companies, equipment manufacturers and service providers. 

The Business Model

We have a flexible engagement model that allows our customers to outsource either complete chip design to our team, or jointly work on specific areas of design. We provide our customers with both on-site and off-site support with comprehensive security and confidentiality. We work with our customers from design planning stage, specifications development, architecture exploration and verification to system modeling and test bench development. Our team also specializes in front-end and back-end development (RTL to GDS II). By aligning with other IP providers, Symmid is able to provide best performance and value in the areas of high performance, high speed, low power and complex custom designs.



Ken Khoo

Vice President of Business Development

Ahmed Saad

Chief Executive Officer 



Dr. Boon Hean Pui

Vice President of Engineering

Vijayarani Sittampalam

Vice President of Finance


Timmy Say Kooi Heng

Vice President of Operation


Shirleyja Gunasaharam

 Human Resources Lead


Mohd Khalil Yaacob

Layout Lead

May Ong Hung Lean

PNR Lead